Custom Products

Made-to-Order Bags


If you haven't found the right bag for you, don't worry - we'll custom make a bag for you! Tell us what you need it for, and we'll design a bag to meet your requirements.

We don't charge for this design, and there's no obligation. If you're happy with the design and the quote, we can then custom make bags for you. We don't impose large minimum order quantities, and we manufacture our bags in our factory in Manchester so you may be surprised by our short lead times!

Call 0161 652 6636 to take advantage of our free bag service.

Customisation options include:

Overprinting - alternatively, if you are looking for a distinctive colour scheme, we can print bags in different colour stripes or cheques. Don't forget we can also print your company logo, or other information, onto your bags.


Gusset - where a bag has a gusset, we normally make that gusset from the same colour material as the rest of the bag. However we can make the gusset in a different colour - this can help with branding and identification.

Piping - adding piping to a bag can help to retain its shape, and can increase its aesthetic appearance. Please note, piping doesn't strengthen a bag. Our standard bag stitching is far stronger.


Window - you may choose to have no windows, or extra windows, custom size windows, or easy-change windows