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While full refurbishment is a service we happily offer for larger offices, we also supply a wide range of smaller items, such as our security seals – small, but equally important mail room equipment.

This includes - 

Security Seals

Our security seals are small "tamper evident" seals which provide both item protection and proof of handling and attempted access to an item.

Should you require an example or demonstration of any of our specific security seals, then please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Mail Pouches

We specialise in the Val-U-Mail mail pouches, which comprises of a variety of bespoke mailing pouches, all with the previously listed security seal, all of which ensures the safest method of transit for your valuble documents.

Money & key handling

Our extensive range of cash-bags and key accessories have been specifically designed to be the most secure method of handling money and keys

Mail Trolleys

Our mail trolleys are sturdy, easily assembled and highly manouverable - with a removable basket for item transit.

Wire sorting units

Manufactured to be easily adjustable to various sizes, and with easy fit swing labels. Available in either flat-pack or fully assembled units. If you need a more bespoke size or style, please contact Val-U-Mail for a quote.

Mailroom Equipment

Our mailroom equipment range, furniture manufactured in the UK, is hard wearing, scratch resistant and moisture proof. Each unit to be purchased individually, or as part of a complete mail-room set.

Storage & Material handling

Val-U-Mail offers a complete range of mail room items comprising of pallets, sack trucks and box trolleys.

Medical supplies

Val-U-Mail offer an extensive range of medical carrying pouches, anti tamper branded, and designed to ensure safe transit of your medical equipment. In addition to these, we also offer confidential patient note trolleys, able to transport confidential medical documentation safely.

Should you have any further queries, or feel that we have not covered your mailroom needs, to discuss an order or delivery, or simply require further information on how we may be able to help your business, please contact us directly on telephone 0161 6526636 or fax 0161 6245554 to discuss your needs further.

We at Val-U-Mail look forward to hearing from you.


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